Artist Benefits

Home Grown, Botique, Personal

In 2007 our founder and his wife traveled the world, filming along the way. With the desire to get their content seen by a wide audience, Footage of the World was born. After years of iterations with data preparation, editing and distribution, they perfected their processes to achieve impressive results. Their client list grew rapidly, they onboarded rockstar editors, a highly trained metadata team and negotiated excellent deals with top-tier stock houses. They opened up the platform to friends, then to other talented artists who are now funding their adventures with the proceeds from their beautiful footage.

Extra Revenue, No Extra Effort

We represent filmmakers who want an extra revenue stream without taking any time away from their day to day work. We do this by accepting their raw content and performing all tedious post production, data preparation, indexing, exporting and sales-submission work. We edit, color correct, catalogue, keyword, etc. We place our Artists' footage on our site as well as on the world's most recognized stock footage sites. We've negotiated favorable deals with top stock footage sites and submit the content in a proven manner to get great results.

Its Your Content, Always

You retain ownership of your content and can use it for whatever you want. With 12 years of experience and top-tier video editors onboard, we are here as your partner to help monetize your footage as stock video. You simply drag and drop raw, unedited, off-the-camera footage to a cloud folder and we get your video footage looking incredible and ultimately up for sale. Additionally, we protect your content, watermark it as it comes in and process it securely until its on sales platforms.

We Invest in You

We put our money where our mouth is: The upfront footage preparation process that we execute is not cheap and we do it at no cost to you. Because of that, we onboard a limited number of ultra-talented Artists with exceptional footage putting you alongside other elite filmmakers. We give an impressive 40% commission of your footage sales. If you think you have what it takes and the description of what we offer sounds like a good fit, email us at