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Footage of the world is an organization built to provide all consumers of stock videography the highest quality footage while strengthening the environment and improving the lives of people in need.

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is:
Footage of the World.com would be nowhere without ... well ... the world and its inhabitants. Therefore 15% of all net income will be donated annually to charities researched by our employees. 7.5% will be donated to environmental charities and 7.5% will be donated to social charities. By purchasing clips on our website, YOU help to ensure the gorgeous and original clips located on our site will be available for years to come.

7.5% of Net Income for Clear Water, Lush Forests and Abundant Wildlife:
Footage of the World.com is developed by traveling videographers. The founders believe that true joy can be achieved by experiencing this world in its simplest, least touched forms. The feeling of gazing up to a full sky of stars, the 'out of this world' experience when dipping your head beneath a clear sea, or the humbling awe of hiking through a mountain's canyon are moments that spur unrivaled emotions. Footage of the world.com has vested interest in preserving what creates true joy. 7.5% of net income is donated to the World Resources Institute (WRI) to help keep the skies blue, the water clear and the mountains green. Keep gazing.

Footage of the World is proud to call the World Resources Institute (WRI) its global partner for environmental protection. We will be giving 7.5% of net income to WRI, whose mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth's environment and its capacity to provide for the needs of current and future generations. Through analytically-rigorous policy research and global partnerships, WRI fosters environmentally-sound, socially equitable development. By partnering with governments, NGOs, the corporate sector, and civil society groups, WRI works on issues related to climate protection, ecosystems, governance, and sustainable markets.

7.5% of Net Income for Health, Smiles and Peace:
Footage of the World.com prides itself on being an organization that can thrive while its actions and byproducts have a positive effect on the world and its inhabitants. The high quality, innovative, unique and remote footage you see on FootageOftheWorld.com is attributed to the ambivalence and diversity found within the people and cultures around the globe. Footage of the World strives to ensure a sustainable standard of living for those who need assistance.

Footage of the World is proud to call Mercy Corps its global partner for Social and Humanitarian well-being. We will be giving 7.5% of net income to Mercy Corps' projects. Mercy Corps aligns with our belief that social change comes with not only giving, but with knowledge. Mercy Corp's staff work with local communities to design projects that promote sustainable economic solutions integrating job opportunities, agriculture, health, education and the environment; projects that promote citizen participation, accountability, and peaceful change.